Statement by the Board of Directors of the RBCC

"In the light of the sickening events that are unfolding in Ukraine, the RBCC has cancelled most events planned. Historically we have operated with the support of both governments and that is clearly no longer the case so activities are limited to informational events and provide advice to our members where we remain able to do so.”

For Expat Brits working and living in Russia, personal security will be a concern. British Embassy advice can be found here and it is the most authoritative and up to date source of security guidance. Please check it on a regular basis.

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Payroll Services in the UK

29 Oct 2021

All companies must register as employers and set up their PAYE (Pay As You Earn) scheme, even if they only have one employee. PAYE is not a tax. It is a sophisticated system for collecting income tax and National Insurance at source from...

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