18 March 2019
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16 February 2018

Webinar: Russia's presidential elections and why they matter to business

Control Risks webinar

Control Risks webinar
Webinar: Russia's presidential elections and why they matter to business
Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Shortly before Russians go to the polls for the country’s seventh presidential election one thing is practically set in stone: Vladimir Putin will be elected for a fourth term in office, making him the leader with the longest tenure in executive authority of any of the world’s major powers.
But although people might think this leads to 'politics as usual', businesses need to start thinking bigger than 2018. Although Putin is popular, and appears in control, the administration’s contract with the public and the elites is wearing thin in places. To divert attention from growing economic frustrations, Putin must maintain the idea of a salient threat from the West that seeks to destabilise Russia’s national security at any moment. The way that Putin chooses to navigate his relationship with the population, businesses and regional bosses, through a combination of control, threats and economic incentives, will have serious implications for Russia’s economy, security environment and relationship with the West in 2018 and beyond.
Please join us on Tuesday, March 6 for our third and last webinar in the run-up to Russia's presidential elections. Our speakers, Nabi Abdullaev, Associate Director at Control Risks, and Simon Saradzhyan, Director of the Russia Matters Project at Harvard University, will shine a light on President Putin's last term in office, and how Putin's choices after the vote will impact politics and businesses for the coming months.

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