24 April 2017
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17 April 2017

Survey on enhancing food trust in Russia

PwC invites you to participate in survey on enhancing food trust in Russia.

Over the past few years, the Russian food industry has undergone a significant shift in response to a number of different factors, including globalisation, new regulatory requirements, sanctions, resource scarcity and food scandals. And these are just a handful of the issues that government officials, food companies, and agricultural producers currently face in Russia.

PwC is conducting a major survey of executives from the largest food production, processing and distribution companies operating in Russia. The goal of the survey is to understand what company executives see as the main challenges and opportunities in the food industry, as well as to determine and evaluate measures that could help propel the food sector forward.

We would be grateful to receive your responses to our survey questions. Your opinions will help us to generate a clearer picture of the state of the food industry in Russia. The survey results will help us not only to define the most important challenges facing the food industry, but also to formulate a set of recommendations for key stakeholders.

The survey should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Your responses will be held in the strictest confidence. Any data published in the survey report will appear in aggregate form. To participate, please fill in online questionnaire (link) by 21 April 2017.   

We would also be more than happy to discuss how we could help implement particular recommendations from the final report in your business.

Thank you for participating in this important project.

Kind regards,