18 September 2018
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15 September 2017

RBCC to hold VIP test drive together with Jaguar Land Rover

RBCC in Moscow gathered the top management of its member companies to take part in a private event—VIP test drive under the exclusive Jaguar Land Rover Experience programme.

Jaguar Land Rover Experience facility is the largest one in the Europe. It provided our guests with a unique opportunity to get a feel for eminent features of various Jaguar and Land Rover car designs under the careful guidelines of certified drivers.

Participants of the test drive enjoyed welcome coffee, got through the briefing, and everyone checked both Jaguar and Land Rover models. After that they took a privilege of sharing their opinions and emotions during well served-up dinner.

The test drive programme is availabe for everyone eager to experience the features of Jaguar and Land Rover cars. 1,5 hours of drivings experience is free, extended 3 hours course is ₽ 10000. Learn more here (in Russian).