24 April 2017
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29 March 2017

PayWell 2017: General Industry Compensation Survey

PwC is pleased to invite you to take part in “PayWell 2017: General Industry Compensation Survey”, our annual survey of staff remuneration systems and relevant case studies of staff pay policy and practices.

For 2017, participants will receive information about benchmarks for staff number by functions and departments, along with a standard report on payroll data and case studies of policies and practices on compensation and benefits. 

The survey will be conducted from March to August 2017.

For more details about the survey methodology, timeline and report prices, please visit our website.

To take part in the survey, please follow the link.  

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact our consultants:
Natalia Belina, +7 (495) 967-60-00 (ext. 3102),
Inna Zubakhina, +7 (495) 967-60-00 (ext. 3485),
We look forward to your participation in the survey.

Best regards,