25 June 2018
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24 August 2017

Orange Business Services: Russian Internet of Things market to show stable average annual growth

A research by Orange Business Services and iKS-Consulting shows a stable average annual growth of the Russian Internet of Things market by 12% up to 2020

  • In the next three years, the share of the Internet of Things Enterprise market in Russia will increase by approximately one and a half times—from 20.8 billion rubles to 30 billion rubles;
  • By 2020, about 34% of the total analyzed market will be related to transport sector, where even now the share of transportation companies' IoT expenses reaches 16% of total IT expenses;
  • The maximum growth of interest towards IoT solutions and the number of implementations are expected in the retail sector.

The international service provider Orange Business Services, in cooperation with iKS-Consulting, presented the results of a research related to the current state and forecasts concerning the Internet of things Enterprise market (IoT) development for 2020 period in six sectors of the Russian economy with the greatest technological completion for the implementation of IoT-solutions: transport, financial, agricultural, retail, construction (of smart buildings) and production sectors.

According to the research data, the total volume of this market in Russia at the moment equals to 20.813 billion rubles, in the future it is expected to grow to 30 billion by 2020 with an average annual growth rate of approximately 12% per year.