18 January 2019
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29 August 2018

Orange Business Services has launched a disaster-avoidance public cloud platform in Russia

Moscow, 28th of August 2018
Orange Business Services announced the launch of a new disaster-avoidance public cloud platform in Russia. It meets the increased business requirements for the reliability of business continuity and with all data being synchronously replicated between IXcellerate and Dataline data centers. The service reduces potential downtime to several minutes instead of a few hours in case of failure of one of the data centers. This almost completely eliminates loss of data from business-critical applications, such as those responsible for the operation of online stores, booking services and transaction processing, also preventing concomitant financial damage.

The option of disaster-avoidance redundancy is priced at about 30% of what a full backup of a client’s cloud IT resources needed to provide the same level of reliability would cost. At the same time, disaster-avoidance cloud deployment by a client himself will require an increase in investments into their own infrastructure and its maintenance more than twofold.