19 February 2019
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2 October 2018

Orange Business Services has developed an IT infrastructure for the new GSK office in Moscow

International service provider Orange Business Services announces the completion of  development of IT infrastructure for the new office of the British pharmaceutical company GSK
Implementation of cloud services and digital communications tools will help GSK to significantly optimize the costs of communications and improve their productivity.

GSK is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, with teams working in more than 150 countries. This implies the extensive need for high-quality collaboration across their business units regardless of location. Because of this one of the main tasks that the management of GSK faced when moving to the new Moscow office was to improve the telephony and video experience for their end users.

As a trusted partner, Orange was in charge of smooth building and rollout of IT infrastructure from scratch, which included the transition from a local exchange to a cloud platform, the creation of a local network and a WiFi zone with seamless coverage, and the introduction of a video conferencing system. As a result, employees will be able to make calls from fixed computers using softphones, as well as conduct internal and external meetings on the basis of video conferencing, giving more options or alternatives to business travels. In addition, the new communication tools are available in any spot of the new office allowing them to effectively work anywhere they need.

‘Orange Business Services has been delivering integration technology solutions for GlaxoSmithKline for many years. We are proud that from scratch we built the IT infrastructure for the new office of our partners in Moscow, and at the same time helped them improve their efficiency. Our video conferencing solutions make it possible to significantly accelerate the processes of coordination and decision making, which is one of the most important elements of the digital transformation of business. A large working group is involved in this project: some of the services are provided to the client by global Orange, some by the Russian one. As soon as the work has been fully completed, 250 GSK employees have already successfully moved to the new office,’ said David Holden, CCO, Orange Business Services Russia CIS.

"We not only changed the place, we switched to a new office concept, consolidated the infrastructure, removed wires and cabinets. Many changes were made, but all with a positive result. Many thanks to OBS for their support in implementing the most advanced solutions and integration with GSK's global services – wireless by default, telepresence, unified communications. Behind these dry words, first of all, there is a reliable infrastructure, providing comfort in work for each of our employees."- said Alexey Anisimov Russia / CIS Pharma Tech Head.