25 June 2018
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31 January 2017

Orange Business Services connects 14 Dobroflot Corporate Group ships to the satellite via unique fully-managed solution Maritime VSAT

The international service provider Orange Business Services announces the launch of Russia's new fully-managed Maritime VSAT satellite-link solution for the ships. One of the first Russian Customers to test the waters was Dobroflot Corporate Group, the leading Far East manufacturer of canned fish.

The international service provider Orange Business Services announces the launch of Russia's new fully-managed Maritime VSAT satellite-link solution for the ships. One of the first Russian Customers to test the waters was Dobroflot Corporate Group, the leading Far East manufacturer of canned fish. Under the terms of a five-year Contract Orange will connect 14 Dobroflot Corporate Group vessels to the satellite providing a guaranteed speed of 2 Mbit/s with the possibility of channel expansion in the framework of a unified protected corporate network for all of the company's assets: both onshore facilities and fleet. In addition to that the provision of all the necessary equipment, of services relating to adjustment and commissioning, as well as of communication channel and implementation of WAN-traffic optimization technology is carried out within a single contract with a fixed monthly payment. This solution has been used by Orange to connect more than 300 vessels worldwide to the satellite.

Thanks to the Maritime VSAT Orange solution all Dobroflot Corporate Group divisions will be able to work in a single virtual corporate network both on sea and on land. This makes it possible to run any enterprise application and allows the crew to enjoy the full range of communication and entertainment services without significant restrictions, which provides the crew with more comfortable working conditions in the long cruising period. In addition, this solution opens up the opportunity for the potential introduction of different IoT-projects, such as augmented reality glasses developed by Orange, which will translate to remote training and instruction of the crew.

According to the company "Transas", Russian Maritime VSAT solutions market is currently in its early stages of formation. Approximately 400 of installed and maintained Maritime VSAT terminals on the territory of the Russian Federation make only about 1.5-2% of the global market. However, due to the growing interest in such solutions, the projected rate of continued growth of the Russian market is considered to be equal to 10% per year with a further increase of this indicator.

"We are one of the leaders of the Russian fishing industry and we are proud to supply our Customers with the natural product of the highest quality. Harvesting and processing of fish during a long cruising is a tough work for the entire crew, however, modern ICT technologies allow to alleviate this fact to some extent. This is why one of our main goals is the introduction of new communication technologies on our ships. Self-purchase and installation of equipment as well as the search for the Contractors, who would operate it as well as provide telecommunication services proved to be an extremely complex and expensive process. We were tasked to obtain out-of-the-box communication solution with a predictable budget, and our partner Orange offered us just that", - says Yuri Badodin, Technical Director, Dobroflot Corporate Group.

“Orange has already connected several hundred vessels to the satellite-link communication around the world, but this is one of our first projects to launch a fully-managed Maritime VSAT solution here in Russia. We are very excited to cooperate with one of the leaders of the fishing industry, Dobroflot Corporate Group. They understand more than anyone else, how crucial a reliable ship communication software is. We are certain, that our solution will help our customer to implement digital transformation of their business, introducing the crew of their ships to new opportunities during their work in the sea", - says David Holden, Head of Sales and Marketing Department, Orange Business Services in Russia and CIS.

"Until now, there has been no single trans-regional force on the Russian market that would be able to consolidate VSAT sea systems’ market around itself. The reason behind this was the unwillingness of present market players to execute a project approach in the promotion of the relevant decisions and to engage in cooperation with other players in the market. Principles of cooperation offered by Orange Business Services differ from the standard Russian market practice. This allows to conclude with confidence that in the end this pilot project will be the new standard for Maritime VSAT on the Russian market", - says Alexei Zenin, Director of fleet modernization and maintenance, "Transas".

About Orange Business Services

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About Dobroflot Corporate Group

Dobroflot Corporate Group is the Far East leader in the fishing industry and is Russia’s №1 manufacturer of canned fish. The company has a fleet of 24 vessels, including the world's largest floating fish factory - "Vsevolod Sibirtsev". The structure of the Group consists of Yuzhmorrybflot Public Company - the largest Far East coastal processing enterprise of full technological cycle, fishing collective farm "New World" (sea-fishing), Movement LLC (logistics company, providing full shipping and transloading cycle of fish in the ports), Livadia repair Shipyard LLC (shipbuilding and repair), which provide seamless workflow and full life cycle of fish product from harvesting and processing of raw fresh materials in the sea to the delivery of end product to each region of Russia.