18 March 2019
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26 October 2018

RBCC Member Burberry News

Trench Studio - является производственной средой фабрики в Castleford, которая дарит жизнь тренчам.

The Trench studio - is the industrial environment of Castleford factory- bringing the home of the trench to life. These specially created space showcase not only the craftsmanship that goes in to creating a trench – the way we have made our trench coats for many, many years – but also our newly updated contemporary styles, and our new trench colours – Classic Honey, Dark Military Khaki, Midnight, Mid-grey and Black.

When Riccardo Tisci arrived at Burberry as the new Chief Creative Officer, the first thing he did was explore our rich archive in London and Yorkshire. He was inspired by a selection of archival buttons he discovered which have been reproduced exclusively for this event. Join us to explore our new Heritage Trench Coats, refined in three modern fits and five refreshed colours, and have yours personalized by hand with a selection of limited-edition buttons inspired by the Burberry archive.

Evite VG Trench Studio eng.jpg