10 December 2018
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1 December 2017

IXcellerate builds a back-up data center in Moscow for Agricultural Bank of China (Moscow) Limited

November 28, 2017. Moscow. London.

IXcellerate, operator of one of the leading Russian data centers IXcellerate Moscow One, has signed an agreement with the Agricultural Bank of China (Moscow) Limited, a subsidiary of the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), to create a back-up data hall in Moscow.

The necessity to build a back-up data center (in addition to company’s own server room) was enforced by two factors. First, the bank is growing, and its expansion (scheduled for 2017-2018) includes the increase of the customer base among Russian and Chinese clients operating in Russia. Secondly, all Russian banks are required by the Russian Central Bank to create back-up data centers.


Under the contract, Agricultural Bank of China (Moscow) Limited has installed several standard racks in the IXcellerate’s data hall, and reserved additional space “for future growth”. Each rack has a load up to 5 kW and is:

·        installed within a private fenced perimeter inside the data hall;

·        equipped with SKUD (Access monitoring and control system);

·        connected by two power lines to “smart” PDUs (Power Distribution Unit);

·        equipped by two PDUs and one automatic standby (Automatic transfer switch);

·        connected to communication nodes of 4 telecom operators.

The Bank’s server racks will leverage the five layers of the data center’s physical security system that includes biometric access control and protection from unauthorized entry. All data halls are equipped with the very early smoke detection system and automatic fire extinguising system HI-FOG, which allows the suppression of early flames within the localized perimeter in addition to manual efforts. According to the SLA, IXcellerate ensures 99.999% power availability (with downtime not exceeding 5 minutes 16 seconds a year) and supports cooling and climate control systems in full compliance with the ASHRAE global standard.

IXcellerate also offers their clients round-the-clock remote technical support, as well as a disaster recovery office fully furnished and air-conditioned.

IXcellerate Moscow One Datacenter was named as the ABC Moscow’s preferred supplier following a thorough tender procedure. The result of the competition was determined by the flawless reputation of the Datacenter, being in full compliance with all technical and client requirements, including:

·        no downtime/failures

·        high connectivity and access to the communication nodes of all four Russian telecom providers that were chosen by the Bank,

·        Compliance with Tier 3 level of reliability and safety,

·        Convenient location and access to transportation (approximate travel time– one hour, by at least two different routes) etc.

Guy Willner, CEO of IXcellerate: “One of the main goals of IXcellerate is to work systematically with our international clients.  With such close working relationships, we can ensure that security of data processing and storage is compliant with the laws of the Russian Federation. We have reinforced our capabilities allowing the company to expand its cooperation efforts with the special emphasis on the Chinese market.  With our competitive pricing structure and internationally recognized quality standards, our clients appreciate and respect our need to understand their requirements and provide them an exact solution bespoke to their needs.” 

Company details:

Agricultural Bank of China (Moscow) Limited is a subsidiary bank to Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), one of the world’s largest financial groups. According to Bloomberg, ABC is in the Top-10 world banks by assets (RMB 19.5 trillion, at the end of 2016), and sits on the third position in the Forbes-2016 rating of world’s biggest stock companies. Major business goals of Russian ABC are support of various Russian-Chinese projects, trans-border financing, development of settlements in national Russian and PRC currencies, and others. In addition, Agricultural Bank of China (Moscow) offers a wide array of services on financial markets – forward and SWAP rates, SPOT contracts etc.

The bank grants loans to largest industrial companies, participates in joint projects with leading Russian credit organizations, including Sberbank and VTB.

IXcellerate -  is operator of the premier carrier and cloud neutral data center in Russia, based in Moscow. The company is a member of the international alliances of commercial data centers IDC-G, D-Infinitum and The European Data Centre Association (EUDCA).

IXcellerate offers personalized solutions for collocating servers and telecommunication equipment of scalable, on-demand capacity. The campus has a total territory of 15,741 square meters, colocation space in the current building – 6000 square meters, total colocation capacity - 2185 racks.

Customers include multinational corporations, finance conglomerates, large retailers and IT providers, leading communications companies and other firms that process big data. IXcellerate Moscow One has become a focus for the finance industry and now hosts the main market data hubs, a number of trading houses and several major banking institutions. With less than half a millisecond latency into Moscow Exchange the location has become popular for trading, production and business continuity in the finance community. Since China Unicom chose us for their clients’ datacentre needs we have seen growing interest especially from the APAC region

IXcellerate strategic investors are International Financial Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation and Goldman Sachs. Headquartered in London.

For more information, please contact Dina Nurkaeva, Director for Strategic Marketing at IXcellerate:, +7-915-2348530.