18 March 2019
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23 May 2018

International Forum of Directors "IoD: 10 years in Russia. Transformation of governance, business and professional life."

On June  the 7th, 2018 IDA organizes a business event in Moscow - the Forum of Directors "Transformation of governance, business and professional life."
The forum is devoted to the tenth anniversary of the IoD Chartered Director program in Russia. More than 250 directors, top senior executives and entrepreneurs will take part in the Forum.

The program includes key speakers from IoD (UK), director and CEOs of Russian private and public companies.

Topics of the Forum:
  • What issues will be on the Boards’ agenda in the next 5 years?
  • What do Russian companies face when moving from an entrepreneurial model to a corporate one?
  • Innovation in strategy: myth or reality?
  • What soft skills and mind set do directors need today?
  • How many careers can a director make?

Speakers of The Forum are:
  • Alexey Komissarov, Vice-rector оf The Russian Residential Academy Of National Economy and Public Administration
  • Roger Barker Head of Corporate Governance at the IoD
  • Evgeny Butman, Founder of Ideas4Retail, author of the Best-seller «Retail from the first person. The Way I built business with Apple in Russia»
  • Jean Pousson, the leading Expert of the IoD
  • Irina Kibina, Partner of the projects «Business-mentors RU» and «Leadership PRO»
  • And others

The Special Guest of the Forum is Vasily Utkin, Russian sports reporter, host of the television show The Football club, TV and radio presenter.

Join those who determine the Present and the Future of the Russian and Global Business.

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Kathryn Zhilich