25 June 2018
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6 September 2017

FinTech in Russia: market opportunities and potential barriers

Only British companies are invited to participate, or companies that have a representative office in the UK

This webinar is for companies that are considering exporting to the Russian FinTech market.

It offers a unique opportunity to learn about the specifics of the Russian market from PwC experts and to get answers to your questions from sector specialists.

It is everything you need to know about the Russian FinTech market in one webinar:

FinTech opportunities

-          FinTech’s huge potential and the gaps to fill in the Russian market

-          Key facts regarding FinTech regulations in Russia

-          Key arbitrage opportunities between the UK and Russia

-          International FinTech companies that are already disrupting the Russian financial services industry through local partnerships

Potential Barriers

-          Strong competition in areas where Russian FinTech is dominating

-          Russian FinTech regulation

-          Local IT environment

-          Business specifics of the Russian financial sector

Please prepare your questions for the speakers to ask during the 30-minute Q&A session:

·         Tim Clough, Partner, PwC Russia's Technology Leader

·         Sergey Prusakov, Director, FS Technology Leader, PwC

·         Dilyara Gaissina, Director, FS Advisory services, PwC

·         Ksenia Gritsepanova, Director, FS Legal services, PwC

·         Svyatoslav Borukhov, Senior Consultant, FS Advisory services, PwC


A UK Department for International Trade (DIT) webinar

To register, follow the link below: