16 July 2018
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21 July 2017

Meridian Air Company welcomes the officials of the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

July 07, 2017 Moscow
Meridian Air Company welcomed the officials of BCAA (the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority). The parties discussed several important questions during negotiations, among which was cooperation of Meridian and BCAA, in terms of the International Agreement between the BCAA and State Civil Aviation Authorities of Russia based on ICAO 83 bis of the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

Mr. Thomas Dunstan, Director General of BCAA, was in charge of the officials’ team. Mr. Alain Coutu (Director of Airworthiness) and Mr. Mounir Ben Mansour (Designated Airworthiness Inspector) accompanied him during negotiations. 

Meridian Air Company operates two aircraft registered in the Bermuda Register, i.e. Gulfstream 450 and Hawker 750. Besides current issues, the parties discussed prospects for collaboration.

At the end of the meeting Director General of BCAA congratulated Meridian Air Company on the 25th anniversary that the airline celebrates in 2017 and presented a memorable gift.

“Such official meetings are always very important – they let us receive first hand updated information and make immediate and sound decisions. Direct communication will always be the primary source of information that cannot be substituted in any other way. I was absolutely impressed by the attention that the Bermuda officials gave to us when congratulating us with our most significant event of 25th anniversary of the airline”, said Vladimir Lapinskiy, CEO of Meridian Air Company.

About Meridian

Meridian Air Company is the leader of the Russian business aviation market and provides a wide range of services i.e. aircraft management and flight operations, continuous airworthiness, VIP charter flights, flight dispatch and aviation consulting. The airline is the sole operator in Russia in possession of the Air Operator`s Certificate for commercial flights, the Private Operator Certificate and the top IS-BAO Stage III certification, thus being able to arrange flights in any operating environment.