25 March 2019
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Dear RBCC Members,

The RBCC is naturally concerned that the recent and ongoing developments in Ukraine and the reaction of the international community will lead to disruption in trade and business relations between Russia and the UK.  We are a bilateral, non-governmental organization that exists to promote and encourage trade, business and investment between our two countries.  For 101 years we have done this by providing advice and assistance to our members and organizing conferences, seminars, networking evenings and other opportunities for business people from each country to meet and develop long-term business relationships.

I wish to reassure you that your Chamber of Commerce remains committed to these ideals and aims during these difficult times.  We will continue to organize events for our members (and are presently looking to design some events that deal with the challenges companies may face in the current climate), to act as a reserve of knowledge and experience, to influence opinion, and to reach out to new regions and members.

We will not comment on the political situation or political decisions taken in either country, however we remain committed to the interests of our members and are pleased to be contacted if you need advice regarding how you can continue to do cross-border business.  In our turn, we need your support and we hope you will continue to play an active role in Russo-British business, attend our events and share your success stories with the wider business community.