18 March 2019
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Russia House Ltd, The
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The Russia House was started in 1970 with the purpose of encouraging contact, fostering trade and assisting travel to/from and within Russia. We have been pioneers in getting UK companies to venture to Russia and then beyond Moscow to Siberia ,the Urals, the Caucasus and the far east. We have been instrumental in encouraging Companies to attend Exhibitions and major trading events in Russia and in 1989 organised the largest ever British Gathering in Moscow “ The British Month 1989”. Over 300 British Companies took part in a rolling display of every field of UK expertise over a month in Moscow. Our expertise in obtaining Russian Visas is second to none. “ Russian Visa Procuration – on time every time “ is our by word. We work on behalf of the businessman big and small, the tourist, the media TV and Journalism and government departments including Embassies. Almost 50 years of retaining contact and cooperation despite any diplomatic problems.