18 March 2019
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Albion Overseas Ltd
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Albion (Overseas) Ltd, has worked with Russia since 1996. We embrace several areas. We are exclusive distributors for several manufacturers. Our Moscow hub, office and warehouse are supported by sub-distributors throughout Russia.

Albion offers consultancy, which takes three separate forms: We assist exporters to work independently in Russia. With knowledge of trade, Customs, certification etc, we can offer anything from a list of distributors, to a Moscow office and warehouse with a salesman, proactively seeking buyers. Albion offers training on areas, which present challenges to companies. Cultural differences, language, conducting meetings, understanding Russians; business really is different in Russia. We spend anything from 30 minutes to 3 days with a client, sorting out issues they or their employees will face when dealing with Russia. We publish the best-selling business guide “Russia: Market Approaches”, full of useful information on doing business in Russia. Contents include tips, contract templates, contacts, anecdotal and reference material.

Albion organises the annual conference “Russia: Practical Solutions”, taking the mystery out of doing business in Russia. Specialists on law, tax, travel, certification, freight, etc answer companies’ questions at this vibrant event, chaired by the BBC’s Bridget Kendall. Please visit: for full details on Albion (Overseas) Ltd.