18 March 2019
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Aromamedia LLC
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The company "Aromamedia" focuses on the sense of smell and offers to use it as a channel of communication in business, art, social projects. Aromamedia was founded in 2004 in Moscow. For fifteen years specialists of the company have improved their knowledge and skills in the field of professional air scenting, visited over 15 countries, where explored the process of scent compositions and devices production. In 2013 the company began own production in Germany using the new technology of scent diffusion. The goal of the company is to inform business people, social and cultural organizations. To organize service of air scenting for client`s sales, decoration, reputation and navigation on a qualitative new level. Save the status of the best company, guaranteed modern and reliable solutions with scent technologies. Today Aromamedia implemented over 3500 aroma projects, 14 of them have no analogues in the world.