25 March 2019
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Acoustic Extra Freezing
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‘Acoustic Freezing’ LLC

Acoustic Extra Freezing (AEF) is a world class innovation from Russia: the revolution in frozen food processing and cold chain logistics! Freezing is the best way to store products in the long run. However, the quality of fish, fruits, meat and vegetables greatly deteriorates after defrosting because ice crystals grow so big that they damage cells.
AEF equipment generates acoustic waves causing formation of nano-size ice crystals. The structure of food cells is preserved as well as the taste, texture, color and biochemical properties of the food. Frames generating the waves are installed into existing freezing chambers with temperature of - 18C and below. Also, we produce ready-to-use AEF freezers of up to 30 kg per hour freezing capacity.

The AEF technology can be applied on a global scale for the following products:
• Fish, Seafood, and Caviar
• Meat and meat products
• Fruits and Vegetables
• Berries
• Ready-to-eat meal
Advantages for customers:
• The taste and texture of AEF frozen products are the same as the fresh ones!
• Almost zero drip loss after thawing of AEF frozen products
• 50 - 100 % increase in storage life of AEF frozen products
• Ready-to-eat meal could be cooked locally from fresh ingredients and after AEF freezing to be shipped in -18°C cold chain and sold all over the world