25 March 2019
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Geomec Engineering
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Geomec is an Oil & Gas serviced software specialist with highly accredited experts in applied geomechanics.

The two focus areas of our serviced software are water pressure support for oil wells and the optimisation of storage of disposal wells used during drilling and production waste.

The knowledge of our team of injection specialists combined with our software increases the operational efficiency and the production output of water pressure supported oil wells. Disposal wells see an increase in storage capacity and will minimise well- and reservoir-leakages.

Due to our holistic subsurface core technology, an oil company using our technology will end up needing less peripherals which reduces both the initial investment need for pressure support and disposal, as well as decrease the ongoing running costs.

Our software allows for faster decision-making, an increased oil production and storage, lower costs, and an aversion of environmental disasters.