25 March 2019
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IB Translations
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IB Translations offers all-inclusive linguistic support to businesses and specialises in translation and interpretation services in the fields of investment, banking, finance and law.
The company strives to build a 360 degree view of its clients' operations acting for them as an in-house translation department. International financial organisations and Russian issuers trust IB Translations to handle their cross-language communication letting their own experts focus on their core activities. The interpreters help to establish rapport in the course of IPO preparations, roadshows and negotiations along with board of directors and shareholder meetings, conference calls, capital markets days and other business engagements. The translation department handles press releases, financial and legal documents and regular disclosures for issuers, as well as pitch presentations and deal drafts for investment banks.
The company aims to produce high-quality and reliable translations that require no further editing, proofreading or formatting and can go straight to intended recipients or be made public. The translation department has a multi-level quality assurance system in place, with each document taken care of by a translator, an editor and a proofreader. Consistency of terminology and style is achieved through maintaining and updating a glossary of terms specific to the client’s business. Finally, the translation is formatted as to best suit the client's needs by either keeping its initial or best possible similar format or creating a bilingual table for legal documents intended for lawyers or a correspondence table for web designers. Those are not special options but part of the translation service package.
Another key priority for IB Translations is flexibility in addressing clients' needs instead of making them to choose from a preset range of standard service options and deadlines. Once voiced, clients' special requirements and deadline expectations are applied to all further projects by default.
IB Translations relies on an in-house pool of professional translators rather than acting merely as an intermediary between the client and freelancers available on the market. The staff model is what sets the company apart from competitors, enabling it to gain clients' trust by handling their assignments in a convenient and prompt manner and with consistently high quality.

Tel.: +7 495 984 3510