18 March 2019
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Albert’s private members club and fine-dining destination was launched in September 2016 after four of the biggest names from London’s most prestigious nightclubs have come together to play host to London’s latest and most memorable dinner and dance experience. 

Named after Prince Albert, due to the significance of the area, once known as The Albertropolis, and its proximity to national landmarks that bear his name, Albert’s launched on Old Brompton Road as Kensington and Chelsea’s only private member’s club of its kind. With an established and connected committee, uniting the worlds of fashion, film and food under one esteemed roof, Albert’s aims to revive the atmosphere of old world glamour for which the Royal Borough was once famed, providing an in demand alternative to its Mayfair rivals. A sleek yet classic décor peppered with eccentric British twists, complete with a mahogany wood panelled whisky and martini bar, houses a unique and historic choice of spirits, including a whisky from both the year of Albert’s birth and death (1819-1861). 

Albert’s members’ club is a proud winner of “Best New Club” at London Bar & Club Awards 2017 and “Lifestyle Business of the Year” at the London Lifestyle Awards 2017

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