18 March 2019
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“CXB HUB: A fresh (new) consulting model for customer excellence looking for clients in the UK and Russia

The London-based start-up combines ‘plug-and-play’ customer experience solutions with strategic consulting.

With customer excellence programs running in the UK, Russia and Romania, CXB HUB unravels (answers) strategic business issues such as customer and employee centricity for Fortune 500 and medium-sized fast growing companies. Its programs are based on a range of services adapted to the customer experience value chain, including customer data analysis, design thinking, customer excellence coaching & communication tools efficiency. “Claire Bonniol and I have built a scalable and strong business model in the last 8 months. It can fit many countries & strategic partners, and all client types” says co-founder Alexis Grabar, Franco-American serial entrepreneur based in London for the last 16 years”

Successful launch of CXB HUB

CXB HUB is a UK startup that has been set up in July 2017 in London by 2 senior co-founders, passionate by customer experience and entrepreneurship, Alexis Grabar and Claire Bonniol.

Their mission is to implement in blue chip companies a simple equation: “human behaviour + technology = improved customer experience”.

The value proposition consists in combining plug and play customer experience solutions with strategic consulting.

Achievements in the first 8 months:

  • A team of 4 people (3 senior and 1 junior, mixed British and French)
  • Projects currently running in the UK, in Russia and in Romania (with local teams of 2-3 consultants per country), with the target to engage in customer excellence programs for more than 10 Fortune 500 companies in the next 2years (already 3 on-going)
  • 4 cutting edge partners delivering solutions in content communications, service design, customer/employee voice analysis through Verbatim and process mining
  • Big international events participation like Alpha selected company exhibitor at Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon
  • An expected turnover for 2018 of + £350K for CXB HUB and £350K for its partners
  • Opening of Paris office in Q3 2018 and potentially Moscow in 2019
  • On-going £100K Friends and Family fundraising (£35K already pledged), with SEIS certificate & networks like HEC ventures and Entrepreneurs First