18 March 2019
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AMI Business School
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Advanced Management Institute (AMI Business School) is the global integrator on the field of executive education and consultancy. We are working with owners of the companies and executives from different industries on the field of strategy, leadership, executive team’s development, value management and corporate culture. We help our clients to achieve their business and personal goals with the help of different formats: cases, group work, coaching, lectures, business simulations and diagnostics. We are working with international and russian companies everywhere according client requests. Between our clients you can see: banks, oil and gas, energy, development, construction, IT, pharmaceutical companies, airports, FMCG, Retail, restaurant holdings, Design and architecture bureaus, state offices. Our main office is in St. Petersburg, but we also have representatives in different cities of Russia.

Benefits of Working with AMI:

  • Customization. Each corporate educational program is created on an individual company request, evaluated from the point of view of the tasks set by the business
  • Network structure. It allows to attract the best experts, from highly specialized business sectors, from leading business schools, and to use the experience of market leaders, in accordance with the request.
  • Focus on the company's strategic goals. In the focus of learning the technology of setting goals, achieving goals and evaluating the final result in accordance with the company's strategy.