25 March 2019
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IMD Solicitors
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IMD Solicitors LLP is an established and yet growing practice, offering legal services in a range of commercial and corporate matters covering not only international trade with the United Kingdom but also compliance matters within England and Wales, as well regulatory disputes including international shipping matters. The practice prepares a wide variety of corporate documentation and can assist on matter ranging from setting up businesses, mergers and acquisitions to commercial debt recovery within England and Wales.


IMD Solicitors LLP have a number of specialists who speak Polish, Romanian and Russian and have an established presence and clients in CIS, Poland and Romania (as well as the UK of course). Currently IMD Solicitors LLP is also establishing a presence in Moscow, Minsk and Kiev as part of their continuing growth and ambition to be a truly international law firm.


Russian matters are serviced by primarily Olexandr Kyrychenko is educated and qualified in the UK. Having obtained a Master of Laws LLM from University College he has taken everything that academia had to offer prior to practicing. Olexandr has been working in a legal profession for almost six years. Having dealt with a wide variety of matters has extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation as well as corporate matters.