28 June 2017
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Aspirations Accountancy
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The feedback received from our clients during the last 25 years, is the best recommendation for OUR SMALL COMPANY; we solve BIG AND IMPORTANT issues for you and provide practical advice whilst respecting confidentiality. Our CONCIERGE BUSINESS advises on the following matters:

              i.      As an independent adviser, operating under UK Law, we can help you with Property transfer and inheritance concerns for your family, succession planning and pensions schemes.  We will guide you to ensure you make the correct investment flow and financial reporting in connection with de-offshore;


             ii.      Your new company in UK can be associated with existing business in other countries. We will build suitable structures to avoid double taxation. With our creative skills we guarantee that you will pay the Legal minimum Tax with complete transparency.


           iii.      Assistance with buying a sustainable business in the UK to support your immigration, Investor and Entrepreneur visa.  Assistance with finding National and European level Grants and Funding as additional capital, and maximise your R&D and Investment Tax Credit claims.


           iv.      Support for Marketing Activities to find suitable partners in the UK to distribute your products in association with our network of professional finance and trade partners. We also support UK companies that want to export their goods and services to the Eurasian trading area.

As a Certified Accountancy company, our passion is to help with your business, whether you are a start-up or established, to maximise your profit and arrange new deals to increase your turnover.