23 May 2017
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Ebony and Co
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From world leaders to world brands, from business moguls to a-list celebrities, we have been the choice for handcrafted wood floors for many years. Our clients are amongst the most discerning in the world when it comes to architecture, fashion and design.

We craft luxury wood interior and exterior elements including flooring, panelling, cladding, decking and parquetry. Our vast portfolio is built on a holistic approach where the finest hardwoods, skilled craftspeople, and talented project teams are combined to create beautiful spaces. For many years we have referred to our ingrained ethos as ‘forest to floor’, in that we believe that every Ebony and Co handcrafted floor tells a story – a story that is centred on time.

Ebony and Co is truly international with showrooms, fitting teams, and support staff across the globe. Despite our presence on the world stage, we still maintain our boutique feel so that we can deliver a very personalised and exceptional circle of trusted service to our clients.

No matter where your project is located, rest assured that we will enrich your environment with enduringly beautiful hardwood designs.

For more information, please visit or contact our London or Moscow