25 March 2019
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YED Avionics Limited
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YED has successfully supplied avionics equipment for over 28 years and exports globally. We design and manufacture ARINC-429 (GOST18977-79 and RTM1495-75) avionics test equipment for test, simulation, maintenance and development of avionics systems. Our DATAIR-400/M3 handheld ARINC-429 Tester is used to simulate and analyse data. Supplied in a flight case. Our USB/A429-T4/R4 (4Tx/4Rx) ARINC 429 Testset comprises of a USB/ARINC-429 module supplied with Windows Analysis software for simulation and recording of data. YED also designs and manufactures customised airborne Data Converters that convert data between ARINC-429 and other data standards (RS232/RS422, 0-10 volt, Relay, etc.).