25 March 2019
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Smith & Nephew UK Limited
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Smith & Nephew UK Limited Smith & Nephew is a diversified advanced medical technology business that supports healthcare professionals in more than 100 countries to improve the quality of life for their patients. We have leadership positions in Orthopaedic Reconstruction, Advanced Wound Management, Sports Medicine and Trauma • Orthopaedics Reconstruction - joint replacement systems for knees, hips and shoulders • Advanced Wound Management - wound care treatment and prevention products used to treat hard-to-heal wounds • Sports Medicine - minimally invasive surgery of the joint • Trauma & Extremities - products that help repair broken bones Smith & Nephew supports healthcare professionals in their daily efforts to improve the lives of their patients. We do this by taking a pioneering approach to the design of our products and services, by striving to securewide access to our diverse technologies for more customers globally, and by enabling better outcomes for patients and healthcare systems. We have almost 14,000 employees around the world. Annual sales in 2014 were more than $4.6 billion.