19 February 2019
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Sytel Limited
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Based in the UK, Sytel develops software communications infrastructure for contact centers. We supply worldwide via a network of local resellers and integration partners, including several based in Moscow, serving Russia and the CIS.

Trading since 1997, Sytel is privately owned and funded.

Sytel software manages not only phone calls, routed over the Internet or the public phone system, but also email, web chat, SMS and other contact types. It includes supporting applications such as IVR and call recording and is designed to add value no matter what your existing communication environment. Integration with business applications, e.g. for market research, customer service, financial services, is straightforward.

Sytel software can be deployed either at customer premises or in the cloud, and can be centrally hosted to provide services to multiple tenants.

Sytel’s architecture allows for software, people and PSTN/ network access to be located anywhere in the world. As it requires no specialist hardware, standard components can be bought locally to suit your budget.

To find out how Sytel can add value to your communications, talk to us.