25 March 2019
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followme2RUSSIA is a full-service ground operator offering a comprehensive range of high quality products throughout Russia and some of its neighbouring countries. The company is a fully owned subsidiary of followme2 Ltd (previously ECCO Tours Ltd), based in London UK. followme2 Ltd is a member of ABTA in the UK, and is a full member of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce. followme2RUSSIA ‘s consultants all know their way around the special conditions for travelling in Russia, and are happy to assist with any particular request. “Curated Freedom for Travel in Russia” is our new and unique approach to travel. We see ourselves as the curators of a fabulous collection of destinations, and our twenty years of experience in the industry gives travellers the freedom they need to feel confident about their choices. followme2 Ltd has a very ethical work practice and enjoys an excellent reputation with Suppliers and its valued Clients.