19 February 2019
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Isle of Man Department of Economic Development
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As well as having its own specific investment opportunities, the Isle of Man is also well positioned to facilitate business and investment into the UK and into the EU through several propositions:

1.         as a sales/trade administration hub or head office for the UK/EU market;

2.         for international wealth management;

3.         for international IPOs and capital raising;

4.         for investment into UK property (mainly commercial);

5.         for investment into UK/IOM through TIER 1 immigration routes.

Key Facts

•             Isle of Man is a self - governing region of the British Isles;

•             Isle of Man is a low tax area with zero tax on company profits;

•             It is a recognised centre for international financial services and technology businesses;

•             Financial incentives (eg grants of up to 40%) are available for new businesses.