25 March 2019
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TMI Consultancy
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TMI (Tourism Marketing & Intelligence) is a marketing and communications company specialised in the representation and promotion of destinations and hospitality products. TMI represents a number of European destinations in the Russian market, we also provide both sales representation and Communication services for 5* Luxury Hotels and manage a large number of B2B events for our clients ranging from airlines to prestigious hotel groups. With 18 years of experience in Russia, TMI collaborates with the Russian travel industry (traditional and online), the Russian media and designs campaigns on social media, with our main focus being on outbound travel.

We are also the organisers of a leading B2B travel industry event, held annually in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia – which takes place in Mid -February each year since 2011. This exclusive event includes up to 40 international participants (destination, hotels, DMCs, retail outlets) who take part in a pre-scheduled workshop with the local travel companies from the 3 markets over a 5 day period. The event also includes a Knowledge session and an Evening cocktail. For more information