19 February 2019
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Tensar International is part of Tensar Corporation, a leading global developer and manufacturer of proprietary, highly engineered, non-traditional site-development solutions for infrastructure end-markets, including transportation, commercial and industrial construction.

Tensar provides its customers with an integrated suite of innovative products, technologies and application expertise for a wide variety of end uses, including high performance roadways, earth retention structures, building foundations and erosion and sediment control. 

In 2007, Tensar launched TriAx™ a new geogrid which Tensar believes offers superior performance in multi-directional stiffness and aggregate confinement, which enables better radial load resistance, resulting in a reduction in aggregate base thickness and improved resistance to rutting.

The company also offers a comprehensive design service, technical seminars and on-site support, as part of a range of support services.

Tensar International, formerly The Netlon Group, was founded in Blackburn, Lancashire , in 1952.