28 June 2017
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Guernsey Finance
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Over the past 50 years Guernsey has established itself as a premier international finance centre, providing an extensive range of services to a global client base, increasingly including Russia.

Guernsey’s leading finance professionals have come together specifically to develop further interest from Russia in the Island’s offering:

Banking – The 30 licensed banks in Guernsey hold £80bn+ worth of deposits
Insurance – Guernsey is the largest European captive insurance domicile
Funds – The value of funds under management and administration is more than £220bn
Innovation – World renowned investment structures for alternative asset classes beyond just private equity and property but also vintage cars, fine wine, timber and aircraft
Investment management – Gross assets under management totalling £150bn
Fiduciary services – 150 providers with more than £350bn worth of assets in trusts and companies
The Channel Islands Securities Exchange (CISE), recognised in both London and New York
A comprehensive infrastructure of lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and actuaries
Guernsey’s regulation has been commended by the IMF, the Island was within the first wave of territories placed on the OECD/G20 ‘white list’ and its continued commitment to standards of tax transparency and exchange of information has been endorsed by the OECD Global Forum.