25 March 2019
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Emerging Markets Group, LLC (EMG) is a professional services company combining Western management and standards with extensive Russian experience. Since 1997 our outsourced accounting, tax and legal services have helped both large Fortune 500 and small companies in the St. Petersburg region to prosper in Russia\'s changing business environment. We take pride in delivering quality service at a competitive cost. EMG is proud to serve some of St.Petersburg\'s leading corporations - among them: Fortum, Opera Software, Ralmir, SCMI, Ashland, Keller, Saati, Hellenic Bank, Betts and many others.

Our clients can focus on their core business competencies and concentrate on growth. EMG specializes in providing accounting and bookkeeping service and our accountants are always up on the latest changes in legislation. EMG is a cost effective solution, especially after considering the total cost of employing your own accounting staff. Recruiting, vacation, office expenses, computers, accounting and legal database software, as well as management time are often overlooked costs of handling your accounting in house!

We are the leading outsourced accounting and bookkeeping company which provides services in the following areas: tax and accounting services, outsourced bookkeeping (book keeping outsourcing) and legal services, as well as tax consulting and registration of international companies in St. Petersburg. Our policy is based on mutual respect and pursuit of common goals with our clients, so the bases of our work are the confidentiality and protection of the interests of each our client. From the moment of the inception of our company in a Russian market conditions we succeeded in developing the most convenient and cost-effective system for our customers.

EMG has the strongest team of specialists, comprising of the most seasoned accounting consultants and experts in complex tax matters, sophisticated international practitioners, experienced corporate, tax and civil lawyers together with respected experts in marketing, translators and experts in accounting issues respectively. Knowledge is only useful when it is shared. However, at EMG communication is a priority. We strive to answer questions before they are asked.